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              we are able to offer your company access to hundreds of outbound flights departing the United States. In keeping with the TSA’s known shipper program we can offer services on freighters to unknown shippers as well. We have services all over the world and can have your shipments picked up, insured and exported in compliance with all government and industry regulations. We can also provide door-to-door services to selected countries.

Customs Clearance

   Our focus on compliance with customs regulations helps to reduce cargo delays and costs associated those delays. Unlike many door-to-door providers CLF was founded as a Customs Brokerage house and has the experience to increase your compliance rates with Customs. Although this is the smallest part of the journey it is the most important “what if” factor facing your shipments. You should put your trust in a company with over thirty years experience at solving customs problems and helping you meet your deadlines

Continuous Bonds
   All commercial shipments require a customs bond. There are two types of these bonds, continuous and single entry. If you are a frequent importer it is cost effective to purchase a continuous bond, which can be used anywhere in the United States for all your shipments. Because we handle a volume of these continuous bonds we are able to provide special discounted rates on bonds purchased through us. We would be happy to speak with you on whether or not a continuous bond is right for you

   There is risk associated in all forms of international carriage. With the value of consignments increasing dramatically over the last few decades the need to insure shipments is vital. We are able to insure shipments on an individual level or structure an individual insurance program for your company that would encompass all your shipments. Losses in this industry can be devastating and although you can’t always foresee or prevent them you can always be prepared

   We can arrange for all your companies inland trucking needs. Whether your goods need to be delivered locally or across the country our reliable trucking agents we are able to provide you cost effective trucking solutions. Their dependability and efficiency help your company maintain costs and distribute your goods effectively. This is especially essential when you have complicated delivery needs or your goods require special consideration i.e. food, textiles or even valuable commodities.

Valuable Cargo
   Through our special arrangements are able to provide integrated solutions to the Jewelry community. We can arrange to have your shipments insured exported and delivered to you all at very cost effective prices. We appreciate how sensitive this industry is to price and we know what it means to get your shipments efficiently and securely. Export services include general air freight forwarding, vulnerable cargo for rough and semi-precious stones and high value shipping. These services are available to worldwide destinations at very competitive pricing

OGA Entries
   Certain commodities require clearance by other government agencies in addition to U.S. Customs clearance. These commodities include food, cosmetics and some apparel (if made with animal products). These are very involved entries and penalties for non-compliance are serious. They require clearance from Food and Drug, USDA and possibly Fish and Wildlife. We clear these items on a daily basis and have a lot of experience with these agencies. Because we have experience in this industry you do not need to concentrate and focus so much of your attention on getting shipments cleared from these agencies or even instructing your broker on what these commodities are. This saves you valuable time and most importantly keeps you compliant with FDA and other government agencies.

Trade Management Programs
   The origins of this program stem from an understanding that you want to spend your time focusing on your core business not worrying about changing import regulations or price irregularities. Tariff, Freight and Compliance consulting are all part of an integrated logistics program. Companies are increasingly competing in a smaller world. More so than ever before and with increased communication you can organize and streamline your import and export programs. This will save you time and money and help your business obtain a competitive edge. We would be happy to take the time to design an integrated logistics program for your company.

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